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Both need to occupy public areas to reduce the rate 2020-03-12

As for 33 floors, the total height of the building is not to exceed 100m. Seven floors are excellent: For high-rise residential buildings, the seventh floor is the 'golden floor' section. First of all, for ordinary buildings, the heat pressure ventilation method is shown in the figure. The upward waves are not weaker than the two sides. This can minimize the building area, correspondingly reduce the excavation area of ​​the foundation pit / reduce the number of pilings; expand the area of ​​greenery or squares; increase the space between the buildings; optimize the sunlight conditions, and so on.

This 'height' is about 30 meters. However, experts suggest that when buying a building, the sixth or seventh floor is the best location. Sixteen floors and above are excellent: the best view and the freshest air. In fact, due to the 'canyon effect' ('canyon effect' refers to the surrounding public roads Or factories, and high-density residential buildings), under the effect of street wind, the dust-containing airflow does not move smoothly, but 'wanders' up and down in a certain interval between high-rise buildings.

There is still room for optimization. Both need to occupy public areas to reduce the rate of housing gain. Therefore, what makes money but less money and less trouble is that house elevator Suppliers many fast-growing cities on the 18th floor now have residential height restrictions, such as 80 meters (airport height restrictions, city skyline control requires God's horse). This is also a good solution. Most people think that the third floor is the most ideal, and it is precisely here that a large number of harmful substances are gathered.

The 'Fire Protection Code for the Design of High-rise Civil Buildings' stipulates that fire-fighting elevators should be provided for unit-type houses and corridor-type dwellings with twelve or more floors. More than 100m is a super high-rise building, let alone say that the code is strict for various specialties, just to set up refuge floors, it is enough for all stakeholders to drink a pot, who can stand that pooled area. Sometimes high-rises also hear the noise on the main line of the car. 

The hoistway safety door is strictly prohibited from opening 2020-02-26

Before the installation of the elevator, all the reserved holes of the hall doors must be provided with a safety protection enclosure (safety protection door) with a height of not less than 1200mm, and sufficient strength must be ensured. The switch should be able to cut off the maximum current under normal use of the elevator.

The material, structure and strength of the safety enclosure shall comply with the relevant requirements of JGJ 80- -2016 of the 'Technical Specifications for Safety of High-rise Building Construction Operations'. (10) Each floor shall have a final mark and a reference mark. Skirting boards should be opened left and right, not up and down. The highest point and the lowest M05m of the hoistway shall be installed with control switches in the machine room and bottom pit. In order to prevent other people from removing or overturning it, It should be connected to the building.

The hoistway safety door is strictly prohibited from opening into the hoistway, and an electrical safety device must be installed when the safety door is closed. When there is a car safety door for mutual rescue between adjacent cars, this paragraph may not be implemented. The hoistway wall should be vertical, and the minimum allowable deviation of the vertical clearance using the vertical method is: lift travel height u0026 30m, 0 ~ + 25mm; 30m u0026 lt; lift travel height u0026 60m, 0 ~ + 35mm; 60m u0026 lt; Elevator travel height u0026 90m shaft, 0 ~ + 50mm;

Elevator travel height house elevator Suppliers shaft, meet the requirements of civil layout. For example, the safety protection enclosure shall extend upward from the bottom surface of the landing door to a height of not less than 1200mm, shall be made of wood or metal materials, and shall be of a removable structure.. The lower part of the protection enclosure must have a height of not less than 100mm. 2. (5) There should be good anti-seepage and leak-proof protection in the machine room and the bottom pit, and there should be no standing water in the bottom pit. Equipment acceptance requirements (1) Random documents are complete

The duty officer or general passenger at the end 2020-02-19

In the lower part of the entrance and exit of the two stops of the escalator, there are two red buttons with the words "Stop". If a person falls or the fingers, heels and other items are caught on the escalator, it should be Call the person at both ends of the escalator and immediately press the "Stop" button to stop the escalator immediately.

The duty officer or general passenger at the end of the escalator should also immediately press the "Stop" button if an emergency situation occurs, so as not to cause greater harm.5.Emergency response when riding an escalatorThe passenger is in the car, the car is stopped or not started for any reason, and the door cannot be opened automatically. At this time, the passenger should stay calm and do not take any hasty actions (such as picking up the door or hitting the car ceiling) The upper safety window climbs outwards, etc.), the correct approach is: (1) Press the alarm button on the control panel inside the car continuously, at this time, the elevator alarm bell will ring, and the personnel outside the car will immediately know that the car is closed. Person, immediately seek professional maintenance personnel to deal with it. (2)

Pick up the moving escalator manufacturers on the control panel in the car and dial for help according to the above instructions; or press the telephone button on the control panel to call the outside for help. At present, the telephones in the elevator car are connected with the machine room and the duty room by three parties, and someone will answer the call. (3) Personnel locked in the car should wait for external professionals to come to rescue and release. When professionals come to rescue, they must follow the instructions of rescuers by phone or shouting, and cooperate with rescuers' actions to ensure the safety of all personnel.Locked in the car

The safest way to trap an elevator trapped in a commercial building 2020-01-09

Hypoxia? asphyxia? Calmly wait

In a narrow and hot elevator, passengers may worry that they will suffocate after being trapped? National standards have strict regulations on the ventilation of elevators, even if the ventilation system is normally ventilated when the elevator is trapped. The elevator itself is an unsealed structure. Usually there is a fan for ventilation. After a power failure, the fan does not turn on, but the fan's mouth is still there. In addition, there is a gap between the car door and the car wall for air circulation.

According to the current elevator maintenance regulations, maintenance companies must rush to the scene to rescue people within 1 hour of trapped elevators, and passengers generally do not experience significant hypoxia within 1 hour. Many passengers feel uncomfortable due to tension or discomfort due to summer weather.

For Help

1. If there is no alarm or no signal on the mobile phone, you can yell at the door or take off your shoes and knock.

2. The safest way to trap an elevator trapped in a commercial building late at night or on a weekend afternoon is to stay calm. If you see or hear someone passing by the door, try to get his attention. If it doesn't work, wait until office hours to call for help.

3. If no one Freight Elevators, wait calmly, observe the movement, don't stop shouting, maintain strength, wait for rescue.


The elevator equipment truly meet the original design 2019-12-19

It is a relatively complex and challenging subject to really do regular maintenance and maintenance of elevator equipment; and as far as the maintenance of elevator equipment is concerned, there are no good or fixed regulations or formats.

Only on the one hand, continuous improvements and improvements are made in management and hardware; on the other hand, in accordance with the technical requirements of specific types of elevators from various manufacturers and the specific use of elevator equipment, a proper periodic cycle inspection and maintenance plan is formulated and taken seriously Only by carrying out the implementation can the elevator equipment truly meet the original design and manufacturing standards and technical requirements through effective regular maintenance and maintenance, and reduce the failure rate and prolong the service life of the elevator equipment.

First, pay attention to safety signs

When taking an elevator, you must first check whether there is a safety inspection pass mark issued by the quality and technical supervision department in the elevator. The elevator has a safety mark to ensure safety.

2. Elevator overload is dangerous

The elevator cannot be overloaded. When the alarm is issued, just wait for the next trip!

33. Don't stand against the elevator door

When the elevator is closed, please do not force the elevator into the elevator, prevent the elevator door from closing, and do not stop with one foot inside or the other, which may cause injury.

Do not press the emergency button casually

Emergency button is set to deal with accidents. Don't press it when the elevator is running normally, otherwise it will cause you unnecessary trouble.

V. It is dangerous to open the door

When taking the elevator, if the elevator door runs without closing, it means that the elevator is faulty. Passengers should not take it and report it to the maintenance staff at the same time.

26. Don't use the handrail as a slide

It is dangerous to slide down from the automatic armrest. You may be injured and others may .

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